fulamak…tahun terakhir la pulak~~

gila lama dah aku tak update blog nih. macam dah bersawang pulak. tetiba pulak datang seru nak sambung tulis. huhuhu~~
btw, i am currently in my 4th year 2nd sem olredi. kiranya aku dah skip 1 sem la tak update blog nih. apakejadahnya…

anyway, i’m gonna dump some of my collection of the picture after i olredi finished the internship in MLNG. boy, that experience was intense.
info yg dapt time intern tu memang sgt bernilai. extremely priceless!!anyway, here goes nothing!!

jya, matane. à bientôt!!


meanwhile, far far away in MLNG~~~

ah, working life… for long have i wish such exquisite experience. and finally i’m able too!! poring bz keje sangat sampai nak tulis blog pun tak sempat dowh~~~

around let December of 2010, poring and some of those “useless friends”, juz kiddin’…, are selected to go for internship in MLNG.
yeah!! nice experience what. one of the biggest provider of LNG to Japan and the cohorts, the mighty MLNG itself has chosen PoringClan-sama!!

the details? nah. juz try it urself. apply ur internship in mlng and u’ll know. suffice to say, it is CHALLENGING!!
up to now, i’ve completed 19 weeks. officially its completed till 28 weeks, thus i have bout 9 week to go?
poring kat mlng dah 3 bulan masuk shift. gila susah dowh. bangun kul 4.30am, balik rumah kul 7.00pm. gile ke hapa. 12-total-hours being spent juz inside those plant. gile beb~~
shift ni kira stat 6.30am till 6.30pm. poring guna van jadi kena bangun awal skit la~~

apa aku merepek ni. esok mengundi woi!! (poring rejister pun blom…)
susah2 aku tampal je la gambar kat cni. abis crita. poring nak habaq pun malas~~~

tu je la. malas poring nak upload banyak2. habis kodak ku lak. bukan kitak orang mok blanja mek pun. huhuhuhu~~~

itu saja dari saya, majulah calon bebas untuk serawak!!!

otanjoubi omedetou, PoringClan!!

hait hait, ima made, boku wa ni jyu sai desune~~ haaa…..mendoukusai na…
hehe, lama kot dah tak practice jepon ni. it seems like that my talent still haven’t gone away, eh. yup, i’m 21 this time. so it will not complete w/o celebration isn’t it?
so this time, poring and the cohort try to challenge the PAPRIKA EMPIRE BURGER once again!!! it was an elaborate, not to mention, epic battle. in this battle between man vs. food, food represented by 2 serving of 1 kg of big badass burger (patty je dah 500gm…i’m speechless) while man is represented by 4 young future ChemEng!! who will win? let us go to the broadcast area!!

look at this magnificent burger. damn. sedap gila beb. sebijik RM30 je. kitorang 1 burger tu potong 2. but still…it an enormous amount of food to be consume.

and then the battle BEGIN!!

ah..the taste of the patty, that onion, potato fries….sedap giler beb. tapi problem nya banyak sangat. hish….but i’ll continue to exterminate those tasty tempting evil EMPIRE BURGER!!
alas, only 2 of us manage to slay our portion of burgers. the other 2….they cannot be saved anymore….they however opted a truce…to tapaw those burger!!…oh the glory!!! oh ya, of coz la poring dapat habiskan. poring ni kan pencinta makanan!!

the battle outcome….

well, that for the celebration. bes jugak ye. so, for utpian, sila2 la try burger ni. ada 3 package, 1kg, 1.5kg, and the mother-of-all-burger 3.0kg!! respectively RM30, RM80 and RM150, if i not mistaken. sila2 la melawat paprika, home of comfort food, only in UTP!!!
and thanks for fujiwara.ezie, amy and ajis for supporting my ETP project direct and indirectly. for fujiwara, hepi besday to u!! hahaha!! u are 1 day lewat than me!! now go $#@% yourself!!!chiow!!

Engineering Design eXhibition (EDX) kali ke 26!!!

araso!! oh yeah, it really has been a while since i post sumthing huh!!
hehehe. anyway, this sem is another hectic sem, really2 busy….
thanks god that at last, i am free enuf to continue writting here~~~

this sem, poring and friends embark on ETP, engineering team project which consists of multi-discipline students. after series of serious discussion, we agreed to pursued towards green engineering, specifically, recycling. we actually succeed!! using simple ideas, which is basically “cooking” our ordinary plastic bags inside hot melted candle wax, we are able to produce a new material. impressive idea isn’t it?? and we humbly named our projects, Plastic Smithing Product (PSP)~~~cool~~

after evaluation from evaluators (duh..), we are selected to participate in EDX!! dem i’m proud. its like the upmost pinnacle event in UTP!! wau!! we, ETP Group 47 are in EDX!! yehaaw!! arite2…calm down….huh….

EDX was held for 2 days, which at the same time, local schools and universities came to UTP to see our invention. among other participant, 30 groups from ETP, together with numerous bunch from Final Year Project(FYP) and Post Graduate(PG). Oh ya, oso Open Innovation Challenge(OIC) cohorts. and you know what, after judging….we got GOLD MEDAL!! oh yeah!! i’m damn good!! oh wait…its suppose to be “we’re damn good!!” yesh!!!

ETP 47 oso won…Best Innovation Award!! oh god…among all the participant there, we won those amazing award!! sampaikan FYP ngan PG pun kalah woo….poring baru je undergraduate….gila bangga poring~~

To members of ETP47, booth number 18, Zulika, Mici, Hafiz, Jebon and our respected leader, Ong, you guys really rox!! gonna miss working wif u guys….

ni la rough procedure camna nak buat Plastic Smithing Products(PSP) ni~~

dan hasilnya~~

ha…bes kan. selama ni, korang main beli je kerusi kan. skang ni poring dapat BUAT kerusi sendiri!! bukan pakai apa2 pun, pakai plastik beg yg korang buang tiap2 hari tu~~~bukan setakat kerusi, buat batu bata pn bleh. nanti satu hari, korang dapat tgok rumah dperbuat dari PSP~~~

dan lihat medalnya…44 karat gold beb….xda la, ntah2 organizer beli menatang ni kat pasar malam kut…

ah..what an amazing moment….selama ni poring rasa masuk engineering course ni cam bosan and useless je, tapi we do have greater responsibility to the environment. jgn dok pikir pasal duit jer~~~

‘With a little Effort, we can save the Earth’

yet another journey!! and this time its RAYA!!!

holla!! its raya!! yeah, this time dah 3 kali poring beraya kat UTP. bukan apa…budget brader….anyway, this raya is different coz thankfully, amy left his car for us!! and us i mean poring, dexter and gina. all three of us stay becoz…let’s juz say becoz unsubstantial circumstances. unlike previous raya where poring pernah tak makan selama 3 hari sebab cafe tutup, this time dex are able to bring us out from this shithole!! yeah!!

so, menjelang raya, cun2 jugak movi resident evil: afterlife kuar…

serius gua cakap sama lu, JGN TENGOK MOVI HAMPEH NI. gile burok…this movie really emphasize the 3D tech which is really 1950’s….i want to watch superb storyline, not super awesome graphic-shit. boss battle pun hampeh. where the hell did nemesis go hah!! virus g pun tak penah2 poring tgok in real action. ni t-virus je. i oso really doubt that nemesis is entirely terminated…inglorious basterd!!

dah la malas nak balik utp kan. so we decided to go to cameron highland. (sori la amy, bawak keta jauh2….we took great care of ur car, seriously.) dem la jalan cameron tu. cam ular. poring rasa la, ular jauh lebih lurus dari tu. naik pening poring. dah la tinggi kan…gila babeng dizzy….cuaca pulak hujan. time raya pulak tu, on the way nak ke Tanah Rata, jem pulak. what the…. so kitorang patah balik. sempat singgah ladang teh kejap, rehatkan kereta ngan punggung yang dah nak naik kematu. gila cantik view sana wo….simply breathtaking. bes poring cakap sama lu. temperature? hish…sejuk nak mampus. poring pakai baju simple je, tak sngka pulak melancong ke cameron. strawberry? mesti la beli beb. prerequisite tu. poring beli kek~~
nak beli chocolate gak tapi miskin…sob sob sob….

henti jap tepi jalan. bes view eh~~~

ni view2 kat tepi jalan tadi tu.

pastu, kitorang pegi lawat ladang teh pulak!!! gila cantik seh…suggoi!!!

poring amik gambar ni nun di puncak bukit….letih babeng~~~
kat cameron pun bleh peluh gua cakap sama lu….

dex ni pulak tgh henshin nak jadi kamen rider cameron….

gina pulak tengah tunggu bas kat tengah2 ladang teh….ni kemaruk nak balik sarawak ni….

mereka berdua ni pulak tgh berebut sapa nak jadi next tokey ladang teh ni…..macam2….

ni pulak gegambar on the way pegi cameron….

we also stumbled across sumthing really unpleasant. this is actually the tempat pelupusan sampah cameron…..
people, please recycle,reuse,reduce ur waste…for the sake of next gen…

i think thats all!! bes raya kali ni. kalo la amy tak bagi keta tu, memang raya taun ni boring cam taun2 yg lain jugak. makseh banyak2 amy!! and oso tu gina and dex especially, who is willing to drive us all to cameron safely. makseh geng!!

slamat raya suma!! enjoy this raya and dun forgot to luangkan masa cuti anda di malaysia!! there’s a lot of places in malaysia u can visit, and all of them are superb!!!

a journey of life…winding yet exhilarating…

its has been almost 4 years of my life have been spent in UTP. quite a lot of time, i must say. but that is a sacrifice that must be taken to create a better me.

Orite, lets move to the main agenda. bout my previous holiday!! i’ve visited gua niah at batu niah,sarawak and gosh its really an interesting experience. the journey there took bout 30++ minutes by foot, of coz, but the tiring thing was the amount of stairs that we have to climb. there juz too many stairs. gosh… i almost cannot felt my leg anymore during that time. but the reward for that journey was priceless… the panorama, the view..juz breathtaking. i think, picture worth a thousand words, so here it goes!!

what did i tell you. amazing isn’t it? actually, there is much to put here. tak cukup storage hamba…hehehehehe!!! anyway, if u have time, go and spent ur holiday there!!!

Kudos from Poring Clan!!!

patapon and locoroco, here i come!!!

yippee my parcel arrived today!!
i ordered psp 2k from lowyat.net again a few days ago and tadaa!!

nice rite…hehehe
yeah its psp2k but fully modded. i wanna buy a psp 3k but it cannot be fully modded(cannot be turn off…eternally, at least not until proper mod is released). i am aware of sleep function but not to able to turn it off worries me about the life span of the psp…herm….whatever….

black in color, cool huh, but that dem smudges will shows conveniently there….
surprisingly lighter that my dsi….
and my verdict between dsi and psp….

dsi win!!! dsi have many fun function compared to psp. the game very interactive thanks for the touch screen and built-in microphone. hey psp 3k have that too but little game utilize it. i think that psp is great for its media capabilities but dsi is great for a single purpose of gaming!!!

yours sincerely,

Poring Clan

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