a journey of life…winding yet exhilarating…

its has been almost 4 years of my life have been spent in UTP. quite a lot of time, i must say. but that is a sacrifice that must be taken to create a better me.

Orite, lets move to the main agenda. bout my previous holiday!! i’ve visited gua niah at batu niah,sarawak and gosh its really an interesting experience. the journey there took bout 30++ minutes by foot, of coz, but the tiring thing was the amount of stairs that we have to climb. there juz too many stairs. gosh… i almost cannot felt my leg anymore during that time. but the reward for that journey was priceless… the panorama, the view..juz breathtaking. i think, picture worth a thousand words, so here it goes!!

what did i tell you. amazing isn’t it? actually, there is much to put here. tak cukup storage hamba…hehehehehe!!! anyway, if u have time, go and spent ur holiday there!!!

Kudos from Poring Clan!!!


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