Engineering Design eXhibition (EDX) kali ke 26!!!

araso!! oh yeah, it really has been a while since i post sumthing huh!!
hehehe. anyway, this sem is another hectic sem, really2 busy….
thanks god that at last, i am free enuf to continue writting here~~~

this sem, poring and friends embark on ETP, engineering team project which consists of multi-discipline students. after series of serious discussion, we agreed to pursued towards green engineering, specifically, recycling. we actually succeed!! using simple ideas, which is basically “cooking” our ordinary plastic bags inside hot melted candle wax, we are able to produce a new material. impressive idea isn’t it?? and we humbly named our projects, Plastic Smithing Product (PSP)~~~cool~~

after evaluation from evaluators (duh..), we are selected to participate in EDX!! dem i’m proud. its like the upmost pinnacle event in UTP!! wau!! we, ETP Group 47 are in EDX!! yehaaw!! arite2…calm down….huh….

EDX was held for 2 days, which at the same time, local schools and universities came to UTP to see our invention. among other participant, 30 groups from ETP, together with numerous bunch from Final Year Project(FYP) and Post Graduate(PG). Oh ya, oso Open Innovation Challenge(OIC) cohorts. and you know what, after judging….we got GOLD MEDAL!! oh yeah!! i’m damn good!! oh wait…its suppose to be “we’re damn good!!” yesh!!!

ETP 47 oso won…Best Innovation Award!! oh god…among all the participant there, we won those amazing award!! sampaikan FYP ngan PG pun kalah woo….poring baru je undergraduate….gila bangga poring~~

To members of ETP47, booth number 18, Zulika, Mici, Hafiz, Jebon and our respected leader, Ong, you guys really rox!! gonna miss working wif u guys….

ni la rough procedure camna nak buat Plastic Smithing Products(PSP) ni~~

dan hasilnya~~

ha…bes kan. selama ni, korang main beli je kerusi kan. skang ni poring dapat BUAT kerusi sendiri!! bukan pakai apa2 pun, pakai plastik beg yg korang buang tiap2 hari tu~~~bukan setakat kerusi, buat batu bata pn bleh. nanti satu hari, korang dapat tgok rumah dperbuat dari PSP~~~

dan lihat medalnya…44 karat gold beb….xda la, ntah2 organizer beli menatang ni kat pasar malam kut…

ah..what an amazing moment….selama ni poring rasa masuk engineering course ni cam bosan and useless je, tapi we do have greater responsibility to the environment. jgn dok pikir pasal duit jer~~~

‘With a little Effort, we can save the Earth’


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