otanjoubi omedetou, PoringClan!!

hait hait, ima made, boku wa ni jyu sai desune~~ haaa…..mendoukusai na…
hehe, lama kot dah tak practice jepon ni. it seems like that my talent still haven’t gone away, eh. yup, i’m 21 this time. so it will not complete w/o celebration isn’t it?
so this time, poring and the cohort try to challenge the PAPRIKA EMPIRE BURGER once again!!! it was an elaborate, not to mention, epic battle. in this battle between man vs. food, food represented by 2 serving of 1 kg of big badass burger (patty je dah 500gm…i’m speechless) while man is represented by 4 young future ChemEng!! who will win? let us go to the broadcast area!!

look at this magnificent burger. damn. sedap gila beb. sebijik RM30 je. kitorang 1 burger tu potong 2. but still…it an enormous amount of food to be consume.

and then the battle BEGIN!!

ah..the taste of the patty, that onion, potato fries….sedap giler beb. tapi problem nya banyak sangat. hish….but i’ll continue to exterminate those tasty tempting evil EMPIRE BURGER!!
alas, only 2 of us manage to slay our portion of burgers. the other 2….they cannot be saved anymore….they however opted a truce…to tapaw those burger!!…oh the glory!!! oh ya, of coz la poring dapat habiskan. poring ni kan pencinta makanan!!

the battle outcome….

well, that for the celebration. bes jugak ye. so, for utpian, sila2 la try burger ni. ada 3 package, 1kg, 1.5kg, and the mother-of-all-burger 3.0kg!! respectively RM30, RM80 and RM150, if i not mistaken. sila2 la melawat paprika, home of comfort food, only in UTP!!!
and thanks for fujiwara.ezie, amy and ajis for supporting my ETP project direct and indirectly. for fujiwara, hepi besday to u!! hahaha!! u are 1 day lewat than me!! now go $#@% yourself!!!chiow!!


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